Is 5:00 p.m. the most stressful time of the day?  Everyone is hungry, tired, and in need of attention.  I can help!  By having a plan for every supper, you will solve your mealtime dilemmas.  Sign-up for Supper Solutions and receive 7 days of delicious dinner menus and recipes emailed to you every week.

Each 7 day menu is:

  • Designed to be simple and easy to prepare
  • Balanced and nutritious
  • Planned with a budget and health in mind
  • Editable by you to accommodate your food allergies or preferences
  • Written by a dietitian
  • Planned for the number of servings you specify (may be changed day-to-day)
  • Costs only $19.99/mo (that is less than a dollar a day!)


See how it works by watching this video

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up today and get started right away by receiving an email with the current week’s menu.
  2. Follow the link in the email which takes you to your own page with the entire menu and recipes.
  3. Adjust the serving sized if needed.
  4. Switch out meals from over 500 recipes if you see one you don’t like.
  5. Print out your grocery list and recipes for the week.
  6. Shop, cook, and eat.
  7. Enjoy the benefits of having your meals planned for you!  Spend time doing something fulfilling with the extra time and energy you now have.

Sign-up today and get the first month for only $1!