The EMPOWER System to Permanent Weight Loss:
7 Strategies for Increased Energy, Confidence and Health

E=Embrace Intentional Eating
M=Melt away the stress & fat through exercise
P=Plan for success
O=Overcome obstacles and barriers
W=Work through plateaus
E=Enrich and fine tune your diet
R=Relapse prevention


Over the years as I’ve dedicated my career to adult weight management, I’ve read books, flipped through magazines, attended seminars and workshops, and listened to tele-seminars.  I’ve made note of all the weight loss “gems” that are proven to work and thrown out all the “junk”.  You know that you can’t go a day without seeing something in the media about weight loss.  It can leave your head swimming from information overload.  I have been in your shoes.  I know what it is like to struggle with your weight.  I know what it is like to feel out-of-control with your eating.  I know what it is like to be enticed by the latest fad.  But, I’m not anymore.  Now I am at my natural, healthy weight; I am active; I am healthy; I feel at peace with food.

I have taken a mix of science, personal experience, and professional experience to bring you my 7 step system to overcome emotional eating and thus lose weight once and for all.  After working together, you won’t be tempted by another diet again.  You’ll be empowered with a personal plan that works for your lifestyle and your unique history.

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